‘Yuri!!! On Ice’ Characters Make Cameo in ‘Steven Universe’!

Yuri!!! On Ice x Steven Universe? Yes please!

By Katy Goh

Yuri!!! On Ice characters Viktor, Yuri, Yurio and Otabek have made cameos in the background of a Steven Universe comic recently. Namely, Steven Universe #4 comic by author Melanie Gillman and illustrator Katy Farina.

When questioned about the cameo, Farina replied: “I just like YoI – the characters are great! Sometimes drawing backgrounds isn’t the most compelling, so I tend to add cameos. It makes it fun for me to draw, and it’s a cute little Easter egg for the people reading,”

Credit: Anime News Network

Farina found the anime inspiring as she watched it during a period where she felt unmotivated and down.

credit: anime news network

Steven Universe is not just limited to Yuri!!! On Ice anime references but has an abundance of anime references in its cartoon, ranging from Sailor Moon, Evangelion and Dragon Ball.


Credit: All pictures from Steven Universe Wikia