Unsure about ‘Injustice 2’? Here is a sneak preview of its goodies.

Ambivalent about the new Injustice instalment? Watch our video to decide for yourself!

By Katy Goh

Injustice 2 has recently been released worldwide but for those of you who are still ambivalent about whether to purchase and play it, here is a sneak preview of its story, graphics and gameplay.

In this footage, we have covered the whole of Chapter 3 (there are 13 in total); the Brave and the Bold; a clever nod to DC comics in its Silver Age.


The story is full of witty DC comics references, giving players who are familiar with the franchise a bigger bang for their buck.

Injustice 2 stays very true to the unique personalities of its huge roster of characters, ensuring that DC fans have an enjoyable experience with the story. It gives characters a more personable angle at which new fans and players can approach them at. An example can be seen in this footage, where Green Arrow retains his witty charm and cool demeanour in the face of battle.

In this video, while there are a few spoilers, most of them have already been featured in some of Injustice 2’s trailers. These spoilers build up to the climax of the story, thus preserving the twists and turns involved in Injustice 2’s captivating storyline. Chapter 3 starts off with the Society, a band of villains who want to rule the world. Batman sends Black Canary, Green Arrow and Harley Quinn to stop them but little do they know that a larger threat looms…

Credit: Warner Brothers Entertainment

This chapter also explains Brainiac’s motivations and origins to give new fans of the DC universe a wholistic and brief introduction to the villainy and gravitas of Brainiac.

Credit: PlayStation

While Injustice 2 starts off a few months after the fall and imprisonment of the regime, players should note that to better appreciate and understand the narrative, they should read the Injustice comics. It covers all the attempts by Batman and his resistance camp to bring Superman and his regime down. It also explains what happened to various characters such as Black Canary, Zatanna, Green Arrow, Dr Fate, Swamp Thing etc during the regime before the events of Injustice.


Injustice 2’s graphics is a huge step up from its predecessor. Not only is the animation much smoother and natural, the textures of the characters skins, clothing material etc looks much more realistic.

Credit: Injustice

credit: Injustice

Another large improvement is NetherRealm’s animation and design of their female characters. In the first game, Wonder Woman looked somewhat unnatural, anatomy-wise, and she sported a more masculine face and physique. In Injustice 2, the female characters have a more natural and womanly figure, with much more feminine facial features as well.

Another unique feature of Injustice 2’s graphics is that they have successfully attempted to differentiate each characters’ facial features rather than sloppily making every male and female character sport similar faces. While this is an unnecessary and purely aesthetic addition, it does breathe in more life into the characters and is certainly worthy of being mentioned in this review.

Credit: Injustice

Overall, watching the cutscenes of Injustice 2 is almost akin to watching a full blown blockbuster action movie. The cinematography is stunning, and topped with the detailed and beautiful graphics, it immediately ensnares players into Injustice 2’s captivating story.


Injustice 2 shares several features with its first instalment in terms of gameplay. These come in the form of Clashes, where fighters wager against each other, Super Moves, where characters unleash their ultimate moves, and the use of the environment to deal further damage to their combatants etc.

Credit: Fenix Bazaar

However one of its unique features is that in every chapter, while you get to play against 4 different characters, in some chapters you are able to choose between fighting as 2 different characters. An example from the footage is how players are able to alternate between Black Canary and Green Arrow, even allowing players the chance to play as one of them throughout the chapter. This gives players a more wholistic and fun experience in the game as they are able to try out a larger myriad of characters rather than to be relegated to one character per chapter.


While I have not yet fully completed the game in story mode (chapter 12 out of 13) and tried out the multiverse feature, Injustice 2 has so far proven worthy of every dollar spent on it as it is a huge treat for all players in terms of story, graphics and gameplay, especially so for DC comic fans.

Injustice 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and is free on mobile.