E3 2017: ‘Super Mario Odyssey’: An Hat-citing Experience

We have played as heroes and sometimes as villains but.....a hat?

By Wong Si Jia

Super Mario Odyssey¬†has already given gaming enthusiasts much to cheer about. Yet, the list of pleasant surprises keeps growing: the game will feature local co-op, with the second player being able take control of Mario’s magical hat Cappy. It may be an unusual concept, but hey, there is always a first for everything!

Check out the game’s co-op mode in the video below, which starts around the 4:27 mark.

The cap-ability to play as Cappy certainly calls for a fun and interesting experience. Apart from having the freedom to fly around while floating over Mario’s head, the player will also be able to collect items along the way. The best part? Cappy will take no damage in the process of everything, making it the perfect game to introduce to less-experienced individuals.

Based on the gameplay, it seems a fair bit of thinking and puzzle-solving instincts are needed as well.

Super Mario Odyssey‘s co-op mode requires the use of Switch’s Joy-Con controller, with one half for Mario, and the other half for Cappy. Camera control will also be made available for both characters.

The game is scheduled for release on 27 October 2017 for the Nintendo Switch.