E3 2017: Sub-Zero Gameplay Trailer Released!

Freeze and slice your way to the top with this cool fighter from Mortal Kombat!

By Katy Goh

NetherRealm revealed their Sub-Zero gameplay trailer during E3. Watch as he does several cool ice tricks that will make Mei (from Overwatch) weep!

Credit: Injustice

Sub-Zero is a rather slick and cool character to play as he utilises his ice powers to entrap enemies, slide towards them, block their attacks and hit them with icicles or ice forms of himself.

Credit: Injustice

Sub-Zero is part of the Fighter Pack 1 DLC for Injustice 2 and stars alongside Red Hood and Starfire. Red Hood’s gameplay trailer has already been released but Starfire’s has yet to be revealed.

Credit: Injustice

The Fighter Pack 1 will be available in July.