‘Serial Cleaner’: A Game About Cleaning Up Bloody Murders

Here's one for the crime lovers – meet the Serial Cleaner, a murderer's partner-in-crime, and the biggest nightmare of police investigators.

By Wong Si Jia

Move over, serial killers – there is a new man in town, and his job is to clean up your mess.

Enter Serial Cleaner, a highly-stylised, ’70s-themed indie game that sees the player navigating through 20 campaign levels of removing bodies and cleaning up bloodstains, among other cover-up acts. The catch? All of these have to be done while avoiding the local police investigators.

Check out the trailer below:

Fans of the thriller genre will be pleased to know that many of the in-game scenes are inspired by real-life murders, allowing for a more realistic experience.

In addition, the developers have also added in some unpredictable elements – the setting of the game depends on the time at which it is played (playing at night means you can hide under the cover of the darkness), and bodies are sometimes found at different places.

Fast-paced decision-making is the name of the game, so players who are able to think fast on their feet are at an advantage. Exploring and experimentation are highly encouraged as well.

With its morbidly humourous approach to the subject of murder, Serial Cleaner presents a fresh twist to the typical crime games, making it a release to look out for.

Serial Cleaner is currently available through early access on Steam, and is expected to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 come Summer 2017.