Does the ‘Rick and Morty’ Szechuan Sauce Really Deserve the $4,500 Fans Are Bidding?

I only have $5.54 in my bank account and my mom could probably make it for $10 if I asked her to.

By Cheryl Tan

(Edit: As of publishing this article, the sauce has already been sold for US$15,350.00 on Ebay). 

In the first episode of the third season, Rick was seen flaunting his love for McDonald’s discontinued Szechuan sauce from 1998 and in honour of co-creator Justin Roiland, McDonald’s chef Mike Haracz brought back the coveted limited edition sauce, even gifting Roiland with the very first container. To make the deal even sweeter, McDonald’s also announced that they would be giving away a few extra containers of the sauce to lucky fans who retweeted the company the night of the premiere.

However, one of those lucky winners decided to sell their prize on Ebay instead. Going by the nickname ‘dark_falcon’, he began an auction for the Szechuan sauce on 5 August and the bids have been slowly growing since then. Although the one selling the sauce may be ‘dark_falcon’, the actual winner of the sauce is his friend, Twitter user Robert Workman. And according to him, a percentage of the money earned will be going to charity.

This isn’t going to be an auction where I take the money and run off to Mexico to open video game stores or whatever. Yes, some of it will be used to pay off bills and right the ship for myself, as it’s really been a long time coming. (And a few friends have noted that.) But this is also a prime opportunity to donate some money to charities like Extra Life and Ablegamers, and whoever else I can think of that’s worthy of donations. So depending where the final tally ends up, a small portion of these donations will be going to help out kids, handicapped gamers and others in need. That goes a much longer way than me guzzling 64 ounces worth of sauce – as entertaining as that might be.

Oh man, how much would you actually be willing to pay for this sauce? (Also, if you’re interested, another winner has posted up his sauce for sale! Better act fast!)