Our Take on ‘Tekken 7’

An overall review of just how good Tekken 7 really is.

By Katy Goh

Tekken 7 has recently been released to rave reviews from various gaming websites but as with every game, Tekken 7 is not without its flaws. Here is our overall review on Tekken 7 and how well it fares as a fighting game:

The Good


Tekken 7 is easy for beginners to play with its arcade, story and treasure modes. Even as players go up the ranks in offline modes, the difficulty level is still manageable.

Credit:PlayStation Blog

However, in more difficult settings and as players rank up, Tekken 7 poses more of a challenge even for proficient players.

Recurring characters tend to retain some of their move sets from previous games, hence giving long time fans an advantage since they would be more familiar with the controls and are hence able to play better.

Credit: Metro

The game also features slow-motion cinematography when the battles get intense to further emphasise the impact of the blows delivered.

The controls in Tekken 7 are very responsive as well.


Tekken 7’s story focuses on the Mishima family and is relatively short and sweet. Gameplay runs for about 2 hours with the addition of the side stories that range from being serious to whimsical-like as characters interact with one another.

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New Characters

The new additions into the Tekken 7 roster are relatively fun and interesting to play as — Kazumi, Lucky Chloe, Eliza, and many others come from different nationalities as well.

Credit: Tekken Wiki


Tekken 7 features several aesthetically appealing wardrobe choices as well as its trademark comical pieces. There is also the option of choosing a hairstyle that changes into a myriad of colours when donned.

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The Bad

Voice Acting

Most of the voices in Tekken 7 are good as usual, even down to Tekken’s trademark utilisation of making characters speak in their native tongue. However, the narrator’s voice acting in the story mode is rather lacklustre. He speaks in a monotonous tone even when the lines require some form of expression. He also sounds as if he could not be bothered with the story at all. His unpalatable narration just brings down the mood and also makes players feel a little less interested than they should be.

Credit: PlayStation Universe


If players are looking for a deeper plot, Tekken 7 is not for them. It’s story is rather simple and superficial even with its comical undertones.

Credit: USGamer

In Conclusion

Overall, Tekken 7 is still a good fighting game with a relatively wide set of customisation options and short storyline. However, it falters when it comes to the narrator’s voice acting and lack of depth in its story.

Rating: 8/10 Our Take