‘Kio’s Adventure’ – The Horror RPG With An Insanely Tough Boss Fight

I gave up.

By Cheryl Tan

Kio’s Adventure is an M18 16bit pixel style rpg horror game telling the story of Kio, a high school girl that winds up in a dungeon filled with bloody organs and monsters after an earthquake happens. Players then need to help Kio find her friends and escape this nightmare world.

Overall, this game was fairly straightforward; solve puzzles and unlock doors while avoiding monsters. Dialogue-wise however, was not the best and could be downright laughable at times. Coupled with the humorous secret rooms and save-point (a pair of underpants), there were definitely a few moments that left me chuckling.The one thing I do have to applaud Spacelight Studios for is the CG art that appears after each death, the R-rated art style is truly gorgeous and I really loved the detailing.I do wish the duration of the actual gameplay was longer though, and that there were more puzzles to solve instead of allocating a big part of the game to the final boss. On top of the 2 hours of gameplay, it took at least another 6 hours to defeat it and I had to engage the help of my colleagues after I gave up. Defeating that snarky smiling “S-O-B” is literally almost as difficult as the boss battle with Sans in Undertale’s Genocide route unless you’re darn freaking dexterous. But don’t expect too much from the ending as it was highly anticlimactic.

All in all, at $2.50, this game is worth buying for the giggles and overall atmosphere. Just make sure you’re prepared to allocate a significant portion of your day to defeating that final boss.

Rating: 7/10

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