‘Injustice 2’ – The Thrilling Adventure That Entertains But Has Its Flaws.

Injustice 2 fights its way up to be the alpha of its pack and here's how the game fared in our opinion.

By Katy Goh

Injustice 2 has been a thrilling ride from start to end with its story campaign, and its multiverse packs a punch by giving players more challenges. While the game provides several outlets and hours of fun for players, it is not without its pitfalls.

The Story

Injustice 2’s story starts off within a few weeks or even months after the fall of the Regime with Superman and his cronies behind bars or in hiding.

You first play as Batman after he embraces his true identity, which was revealed before the first Injustice game, as he tries to assure world governments and the public that peace and order will be restored.

Credit: Digital Spy

We then follow up with fan favourite Harley Quinn as she, along with Green Arrow and Black Canary, are tasked with fighting a new villainous team called the Society.

Next, you get to rotate between playing as Green Arrow or Black Canary as you take on a few of these Society baddies.

The game thereafter follows the smooth transition of characters as the story progresses, allowing players a glimpse into their favourite characters and their current predicaments. It also ensures that characters still retain their own distinct personalities and charms as they interact with their fellow heroes or villains.

Credit: WWGames

The story starts off slow so as to ease players into the Injustice 2 storyline, with a substantial number of moments that make players cheer, jeer or tear up. The beautiful cinematography and immersive graphics captivate players as they watch various characters face undesirable and difficult circumstances.

Injustice 2’s storyline is a brilliant masterpiece given its fighting game genre as such plots tend to be rather simple, taking a backseat to the game’s combat system.

 The Multiverse

While the story campaign may be a fun ride, it is a rather short one and does not give players much enjoyment in the long run.

This is when the multiverse comes in to pick up the slack; providing players with hours worth of brand new challenges that change weekly or even daily. Each stage has modifiers that change the way the game is played, giving players various advantages and disadvantages.

Credit: Escapist Magazine

The stages also vary in their level of difficulty, ensuring that both pro and casual players are able to enjoy the game without needless frustration.

The multiverse also gives players an opportunity to play as other characters that were not playable in the story campaign i.e. Brainiac, Atrocitus and Poison Ivy. On top of that, it lets players train their skills as their favourite characters and gather customisable gear.

Credit: Gamespot

The multiverse thus gives players a much more enjoyable experience in the long term.

The Gameplay

The controls in Injustice 2 are responsive and the mechanics are very crisp, serving up a good impact with every punch or kick.

Credit: EBGames

Overall, Injustice 2 is fitting for newcomers but at the same time has enough depth for more advanced players to explore and hone their skills.

The Bad

While Injustice 2 is amazing, it still has several flaws that can be improved upon.

In regards to the mobile app, it is relatively difficult and time-consuming for players to climb up the ranks without using in-app purchases as compared to the first game. Also, the gameplay is substantially lacklustre when compared to its console version and predecessor.

Credit: iDigitalTimes

As with the first game, players are forced to play as different characters throughout and it is a challenge to complete the story campaign if you’re not comfortable enough with the character’s play style.

While the multiverse can provide more gameplay and entertainment in the long haul, the repetitive gameplay does get a little cumbersome as compared to other genres of games that can provide more story or different types of gameplay.

However, these problems are not limited to Injustice 2 itself but rather extends to most fighting games as well.


Injustice 2 has proven to be a thrilling adventure with its story mode and has provided hours of fun and entertainment in multiplayer mode and its multiverse as well as the gear system. However, it does not provide much entertainment in the long haul as compared to other genres of games due to the short story and repetitive gameplay. All in all, its wins greatly triumph over its faults and is still a great game to enjoy solo or with your friends.