You “Dawn” not want to miss out on ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

Visually speaking, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best.

By Akiba Press

The story begins with the backstory of baby Aloy, an outcast raised by an older outcast. Not much is given as to why a baby is exiled from the sacred lands, all you know is that you are not one of the tribe. As Aloy develops into a young child, we find out more about the reason she was outcasted. As Aloy develops into a young child, we become more invested in her life as we learn the reason behind why she was outcasted and unlike other games, your choices do not affect the outcome of the game, just the endgame spoiler.

Credit: Playstation

Visually speaking, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best. The PS4 Pro provides stunning high definition images and every movement is fluid. And it’s not just because of the choice of console, as even when played on a regular PS4 the visuals are still superbly vivid. For example, When one looks at a waterfall from a distance in most games, a blocky approximation of water appears but with Horizon Zero Dawn, the bedrock is clearly visible through the moving water. In addition, the characters are all well rendered and there are absolutely no issues with voice syncing. 

Good news for everyone! There are no DLCs or season passes and another plus point is that this game receives free updates long after the game is out.

The gameplay is a mashup of Mass Effect’s wheel weapon choices and Uncharted’s sticky wall jump. It can take some time to get used to the climbing as not all mountain faces are scalable in the game mechanic’s sense. Much like Skyrim, if you can find a big enough space to stand on, you can jump your way up. Also, in terms of battle styles there are a multitude of options. If you like to play it sneaky, you can either silent kill an enemy with your spear or snipe at them from the cover of obviously placed bent red reeds. The AI is generally predictable with pre-destined sentry paths and an easy to work out lure system. If you lure or shoot at an enemy, they will come and check your location but depending on difficulty level, you might not be discovered.

Credit: Playstation

With an amazing storyline, mesmerising graphics and smooth gameplay, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a truly a gem. Overall, I would say this game is a beast but sadly there’s no replay value in it. Just like an interesting book, you may not wish to finish it but as the saying goes, all good things must come to end. Hopefully we’ll be getting more RPGs from Guerrilla Games in the future, bless you guys for this amazing experience.