Affected by ‘MASS EFFECT™: Andromeda’

Visually, MASS EFFECT™: Andromeda has beautiful scenery and travelling in space has never looked any better.

By Akiba Press

Visually, MASS EFFECT™: Andromeda has beautiful scenery and travelling in space has never looked any better. You can visit any point on the map and it will be sculpted well, be it in space or on the ground. The character creation is extremely limited for presets but like any good face creator, if you know what you intend to create, you can really draw out the finest details. However, once the face acting comes into play it becomes a real horror show and everyone ends up with a face like Chucky’s. Movements outside of a suit are kinda weird as well, much like Elvis Presley impersonations when making sharp turns.

The gameplay however, is amazing. You can be anything from a heavy tank to sneaky sniping ninja, meaning that the class mixtures are filled with infinite possibilities. Also, there is no level cap so you can pretty much get into every skill tree and become a walking A-bomb. Your game style determines the way you play and while you start out with a class, your skill tree allows you to grow your character into something that you’re more comfortable with.

Credit: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Storywise, the game does have a good script and proper background, definitely something you can get easily immersed in. Sadly the effect is lost due to weird facial features and flat or out of place voice acting. MASS EFFECT™: Andromeda has also taken away the old morality system, giving us a one similar to that of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s. Even though they won’t affect the game much, you get to choose between 4 options: emotional, logical, casual and professional.

The game is currently glitchy and without news of a patch to fix the issues. Quest points aren’t clear and while they do lead us to explore (a main point of this game), we’d rather spend time killing things, not taking breaks between fights to end up lost while scanning something or other.

Compared to the rest of the series, this Mass Effect has a more light hearted feel and its focus is more on exploration while finding your place in the galaxy. Even so, the battles certainly are amazing. Fast paced blink strikes, jetpack dodging; everything is fair play in a fire fight. 

Credit: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Overall, MASS EFFECT™: Andromeda definitely gives us mixed feelings, it’s good in some places but bad in others. The flow of the story is largely affected due to the bad face capture, terrifying soulless eyes and disappointing voice acting. While the battle system is nice, travelling to different places becomes a real chore after a while. 
For those who still want to immerse themselves with the story and are able to get past the peculiar facial features and expressions, Titan Books have announced that they are working with BioWare to publish 3 new novels set in the universe of MASS EFFECT™: Andromeda. They will be following the game’s storyline to address past, current and future events portrayed, hopefully answering any questions fans may have.