Red Hood Gameplay Revealed!

Want to kick some Bat family butt vengeance style? Check this article out for Red Hood's gameplay and more information about the upcoming Injustice DLC characters!

By Katy Goh

Injustice has recently released its gameplay for the ex-Robin with a vengeance; Red Hood.

The trailer showcases him pummelling Bat family members as well as his most hated villain, the crown prince of crime himself. The flashy display of gun work, electric shockers and hand-to-hand combat is truly a sight to behold.

Red Hood is part of the Fighter Pack 1, a pack consisting of 2 other DLC characters; Starfire and Mortal Kombat’s Subzero. There are 3 Fighter Packs in total but the other 6 characters have yet to be revealed.

You can purchase Injustice 2 and the DLC characters here and the game is currently available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and mobile devices.