Rabbid Peach Has An Instagram Account And I Don’t Know How To Feel About It

Amusing, entertaining or downright unsettling? You decide

By Katy Goh

In lieu of the upcoming Mario + Rabbid: Kingdom Battle, the marketing team behind the game has decided to give Rabbid Peach her own Instagram account to draw more attention to the game.

Before the photoshoot… #nostress #excited #rabbidpeach #mariorabbids

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It is a little amusing yet disturbing to see Rabbid Peach follow trends set by the modern female of taking selfies and writing rather narcissistic Instagram captions with regards to beauty and fame.

This angle fits me pretty well, right? #naturalbeauty #sleepingbeauty #beautybeauty #mariorabbids #rabbidpeach

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Through her posts, we can see Rabbid Peach living the high life as she indulges in luxuries such as wine and soaking in hot baths, as well as modelling for high fashion photoshoots.

The account is rather entertaining in that it makes a satire out of the ‘ideal’ young woman’s dream life, although it does feel a little condescending and unsettling as it reflects the ideals of the modern young woman to be rather superficial and materialistic at its core.

They assured me that I didn't need any photoshop! #star #natural #nophotoshop #rabbidpeach #mariorabbids

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Even though I know that this is just a marketing ploy to garner more traction for the game and was not meant to be read any deeper than simply being entertaining, it does call into question whether these ideals are really worth striving for and whether there is greater meaning in life beyond being rich, beautiful and famous.