‘Project Tokyo Dolls’ – Not Your Typical Idol Game

The first video is animated by Wit Studio (the team behind Attack on Titan) and is the first of three mini-chapters introducing the story before the game's release.

By Cheryl Tan

Square Enix has just launched the first teaser for Project Tokyo Dolls, a new tap-action RPG slated for release later this month. Watch the teaser trailer down below:

The story mainly focuses on idol group Dolls, made up of girls reborn with paranormal powers, who are tasked with stopping a force called Pygmalion that has been consuming people’s memories in the shadows of Tokyo.

Main character Sakura (as discovered on the official website) is a huge fan of the group but finds herself falling victim to Pygmalion. As the trailer ends, she says, “I don’t want to die.” It is not known how she ended up joining Dolls as she appears in the official art as part of the idol group.

Credit: Crunchyroll

The video, labeled “Episode 0,” will be followed up by two more short episodes on Wednesday and Friday. Pre-registration is available now and a series of prizes are available to all early adopters depending on how many sign up in advance.