Our Pick of the Best Indie Games at E3 2017

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By Cheryl Tan

The Artful Escape  (Xbox One, PC)

The game follows Francis Vendetti, a teenager on a multidimensional adventure to inspire his stage persona and find himself while travelling through the cosmos and multi dimensional worlds. With the power of his guitar, you conquer enemies in musical rhythmic battles and strum your instrument to fly across chasms in a beam of light.

Here’s a description from the official website:

The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti is a video game about great expectations, famous folk singers, lingering shadows, space Gods, hallucinogens, individuality, reptile shops, and wild imaginations.

It’s an action, adventure, exploration, narrative driven, musical-laser-light-battle kind of game.

Sadly, no release date has been announced as of yet.

The Last Night (Xbox One, PC, Mac)

The Last Night is a cyberpunk adventure title set in a dystopian cityscape and won #cyberpunkjam in 2014. In the midst of a sea of dystopian titles, I really hope this beautifully designed game will live up to our expectations.

Here’s a blurb from the official website:

The Last Night immerses you in the everyday life of Charlie, a second-class citizen living in a city brimming with augmentation and citizens living a gamified existence — none of which Charlie can experience himself due to a childhood accident. Apathetic and disheartened by the seemingly pointless world around him, Charlie is presented with an opportunity to take matters into his own hands. But at what risk?

It is slated for release in 2018.

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG (PS4, PS Vita, PC, Nintendo Switch)

Taking inspiration from games like Earthbound, Catherine and other quirky JRPGs, YIIK explores worlds both surreal and supernatural and looks to be just as humorous as promised. The turn-based fighting style in addition to quick-time events can be repetitive in some RPGs so we’re looking forward to seeing how this game will fare.

A quick description from the official website:

On the afternoon of April 4th 1999 Sammy Pak went missing.

That night, a video of her last known moments was uploaded online.

All of your friends excitedly watched as she is pulled from an elevator by something…. otherworldly. This is a story about what happens when you look for someone who can’t be found… and the strange things you invite into your life when you go to forbidden places.

Expected release date: Early 2017

A Case of Distrust (PC, Mac)

In this story-driven adventure, players control a female private detective named PC Malone and have to make use of clues and evidence to uncover a mystery. While the story certainly seems promising, we’re not quite sure if gameplay will be immersive enough.

Here’s a description from the official website:

A Case of Distrust is a narrative mystery from 1924 San Francisco. Play as private investigator Phyllis Cadence Malone in this historical 2D adventure game. Explore underground speakeasies, smoke-filled billiard halls, classic barber shops, and more. Catch suspects in lies by using evidence, statements, and your wits. Intrinsic challenges face our heroine, as she struggles against a pushback on emancipation, leading to many doubts, both internal and external. Uncover the truth in a mystery full of deception!

There is currently no set launch date but A Case of Distrust is slated for release by the end of this year, so make sure to support it on Steam Greenlight.

Surviving Mars (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac)

Survivng Mars is a The Martian-style strategy game whereby you try to build a human colony on Mars, but try not to kill anyone though! That would be pretty bad.

Here’s a description from the official website:

Surviving Mars is a sci-fi settlement builder all about colonizing Mars and surviving the process. Choose a space agency for resources and financial support before determining a location for your colony. Build domes and infrastructure, research new possibilities and utilize drones to unlock more elaborate ways to shape and expand your settlement. Cultivate your own food, mine minerals or just relax by the bar after a hard day’s work. Most important of all, though, is keeping your colonists alive. Not an easy task on a strange new planet.

There will be challenges to overcome. Execute your strategy and improve your colony’s chances of survival while unlocking the mysteries of this alien world. Are you ready? Mars is waiting for you.

The game is set for release in 2018.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Xbox One, PC)

The sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest, the game will undoubtedly feature Metroidvania gameplay and once again star Ori — the titular catlike guardian spirit from the first game. Sadly, Microsoft didn’t show off any gameplay footage but since the first beautifully made game was such a tearjerker, I expect this one will be the same as well.

There is no word yet on an official release date.

Honorary mention: Kingsway (PC)

While it may not look the most exciting, it certainly has an interesting concept. Instead of directly controlling your character, you interact with a mock operating system (much like that of Windows 95) while quests are delivered via email, enemies appear as popup windows and your inventory is sorted like an old-school file system. Talk about 90’s nostalgia.

The game will be slated for release in Summer 2017.