‘Overwatch’s’ New Lore Hints At Doomfist’s Arrival

Know more about this highly anticipated Overwatch character!

By Katy Goh

Blizzard has recently updated its official Overwatch website with new plot details related to Doomfist, a much anticipated attack-based character. Doomfist’s name is revealed to be Akande Ogundimu and he was apparently released from the Numbani prison by the notorious Talon Organisation, more specifically by Reaper.

Credit: VG247.com

There appears to have been previous others who have held the mantle of Doomfist, rightfully named after wielding the powerful gauntlet which has been rumored to level skyscrapers. Given that Ogundimu was freed by Talon, it is reasonable to suspect that he is currently aligned with Overwatch’s villains instead of its heroes.

Credit: PCGamesN

Doomfist is rumoured to be revealed during Gamescon from 22 – 26 August and may be voiced by Brooklyn NineNine star Terry Crews, who previously expressed his interest in voicing the character.