‘Overwatch’ Horizon Lunar Colony Map To Be Released!

Get ready to battle it out in low gravity in this new Overwatch map!

By Katy Goh

In this short video, the creative crew behind Overwatch revealed their reasons behind the Horizon Lunar Colony map and gave us a sneak peak into their efforts.

They have stated that they wish to reveal a peek into Winston’s back story as well as to why he decided to leave the colony. They also wanted to have a map that was set on the moon, given that Overwatch is set in a slightly more futuristic and advanced time than ours. Both were huge reasons as to why the Horizon Lunar Colony was the most prominent choice for a new map.

Credit: IGN

The developers have also designed and put in place several interesting features such as low gravity and forensic-like clues into Winston’s past. This gives players an additional boost of fun as they can not only play normally but also try to piece together Winston’s history, all while duking it out in low gravity.

The map is set to debut onĀ 20 June.