Overwatch Characters and More in Tekken 7!

Amazingly accurate modifications in Tekken 7!

By Katy Goh

With the release of Tekken 7, some players have come up with a few deviously fun customisations to make Tekken 7 characters resemble other popular characters.


Credit: Reddit

Credit: Blizzard

Reddit user u/Nuubio decided to modify Steve Fox into McCree. He dons a red poncho, brown cowboy hat and a brown ensemble to resemble Overwatch’s McCree. You definitely do not want to get High Nooned by this McCree- Steve Fox hybrid!

Soldier 76

Credit: Reddit

Credit: Overwatch wiki

This Bryan modification greatly resembles a certain Soldier from Overwatch by Reddit User u/leaderlord. His hair was already more or less accurate to Jack Morrison’s but after wearing the visor and white jacket with blue stripes, he very much resembles 76’s design. This Soldier 76- Bryan Fury has got you in his sights.

Joseph Joestar

Credit: Jojo’s Bizarre Encyclopedia

Credit: Reddit

Heihachi was transformed into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Joseph Joestar by Reddit User u/Adamotron. Oddly enough both characters share the same Japanese voice actor.


Credit: Reddit

Last but not least we have the He-Man villain modification himself by Reddit User Enso8. He customised Bryan to resemble the fearsome 80s cartoon villain and even made him strike a few cool poses!