‘Who We Are Now’: A Gay Dating Sim Set in a Post Apocalyptic World

To quote Rihanna, 'we found love in a hopeless place'.

By Cheryl Tan

Who We Are Now¬†takes place 10 years after the apocalypse first began and tackles the topic of queer romance in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Play as protagonist Wes, as you arrive at Home (a rather cheekily-named village) and are trying to settle back down. In exchange for a place to stay, village elder Mohra gives you a job; to help one of four troubled boys in town — all of whom, as she implies, are rather cute.

Each potenial love interest moves at a different pace with intimacy and sexuality but while it is definitely a game about sex, it’s more about trying to find love at the end of the world. According to developer Bryce Duzan, “He(I) want(s) to explore how these relationships can develop.”

The game is currently in full development after securing the $6,000 needed to finish up via Kickstarter. The demo is available here but the full game will be out in 2018.

To tie in with the upcoming Pink Dot event on 1 July 2017, we will also be posting an article about few of the best games with LGBT storylines so do keep an eye out for that!