New Rules See ‘Overwatch’ League Players Getting Health Insurance and 50k a Year

Uh.. is it too late to change careers?

By Cheryl Tan

In their latest blog post, Blizzard laid down some ground rules for how Overwatch League teams are expected to treat their players. Here are what players can look forward to if they are thinking of pursuing a career in the Overwatch League:

  • Teams will sign players to one-year guaranteed contracts with the option to extend the contract for an additional year.
  • The minimum salary for players is USD $50,000 per year.
  • Teams will provide players with health insurance and a retirement savings plan.
  • Teams will distribute at least 50% of their team performance bonuses (i.e. money from winning playoffs and other League events) to their players directly.

The total bonuses available for Overwatch League teams in Season 1 will amount to USD $3.5 million, with a minimum USD $1 million awarded to the Season 1 champion. Also, players won’t be restricted by regions; meaning that if the American team wanted to hire a Korean player, they could do so.

Blizzard certainly has the resources and money to provides such amenities but with a younger esports title like Overwatch, we’ll just have to see how far this can go.