What You Should Know Before Playing ‘Injustice 2’

Do you know these important events that happened to your favourite DC heroes and villains? Find out more in this article to better understand Injustice 2's narrative.

By Katy Goh

Injustice 2 has recently been released, but what many players may not know is that there are a whole line of Injustice comic books to explain the events following the first Injustice instalment as well as after said game.

However, for the casual DC comics/ Injustice fan, reading these 6 volumes (and more) may not be feasible, hence we here at Akiba Press have conjured up a list of events that one should know if they are to fully understand the motives of various characters as well as the narrative behind Injustice 2. Let us begin with our first question:

1. Why are non super powered heroes able to throw a good, hard punch at those that do have super powers?

If you played the Injustice games, you may find it a little odd that characters such as Batman, Harley Quinn and Catwoman are able to almost hit as hard as their powered counterparts such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Black Adam despite not possessing any meta-human abilities.

Credit: Fenix Bazaar

In the comics, it is shown that Lex Luthor, while seemingly working for Superman, was able to create a ‘super soldier’ drug using Kryptonian nanotechnology to help create an army of super soldiers for Superman to enforce peace on Earth. This drug would give the user enhanced strength and durability. However, Batman was able to steal the super drug and create copies for his faction, who mostly comprised of non powered heroes, to effectively fight against the regime.

Credit: Read Comic Online

2. If Green Arrow is dead, why is he still in Injustice 2?

In the first game, it is implied that the Injustice universe’s Oliver Queen is dead (having been murdered by Superman as he thought Batman and his gang were after his parents). The Green Arrow you play as in the first game is from another universe where the Justice League remained intact and are on friendly terms.

Credit: Injustice 2 wiki

However, given that Injustice 2 is set in the Injustice universe and that they did not bring over any new heroes to fight ‘evil’ Superman, where did this Green Arrow come from?

Before we go into the mysterious case of Green Arrow, we will need to backtrack a little and talk about Black Canary; Green Arrow’s main love interest. In the comics, Black Canary became pregnant with Green Arrow’s child shortly before his untimely demise and safely delivered her baby, a boy by the name of Conner, before jumping back in action against the regime. She was tasked by Batman to non fatally shoot a Kryptonite bullet into Superman to incapacitate him. She succeeded, before Sinestro endowed Superman with the gift of a yellow lantern ring, hence allowing Superman to recover and fatally wound Black Canary.

Credit: read comics online

While she seemingly died, Dr Fate intervened in her death and brought her and her son to another universe. A universe with a Green Arrow who lost his Black Canary several years before. From there, that universe’s Green Arrow and Injustice’s Black Canary and son become a family unit. They then return back to the Injustice universe with the help of Dr Fate after the fall of the regime, thus accounting for Black Canary and Green Arrow’s presence in Injustice 2’s roster.

Credit: read comics online

3. Who else met their untimely demise in the Injustice universe?

Throughout the Injustice comics, there have been a slew of deaths for both heroes and villains alike. However, in this section we will focus on the more prominent deaths as they had a substantial impact on several of our characters’ development. Some of these deaths would also account for their lack of presence to stop or aid Superman and his regime.

a. Nightwing

Nightwing/ Dick Grayson was the first Robin. He was killed in an accident whereby Damian Wayne, the fourth Robin and Batman’s biological son, threw a baton at him out of habit, expecting Nightwing to catch it. However, this was in the midst of battle hence Nightwing failed to catch the baton and was knocked unconscious by it. He then fell on some sharp rocks which severed the connection between his neck and his spine, hence killing him.

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This led Batman to grieve and despair over the death of his first ‘son’, at first blaming Damian for the death which pushed Damian even further from his estranged father. This thus exacerbated the tension and split between father and son as they sided with opposing factions.

Credit: read comics online

Credit: read comics online

b. Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter allied himself with Batman and disguised himself as Hawkgirl to act to spy on the regime’s activities. However, he was found out by Robin, who sided with Superman, and was eventually killed by the Man of Steel who set the martian on fire. This thus accounts for why one of the most prominent Justice League members was absent in the games despite being relatively powerful and important.

Credit: read comics online

credit: read comics online

c. Kyle Raynor, John Stewart and Guy Gardner

For those who are not familiar with the comics, these three men also hold the mantle of the Green Lantern after being gifted and deemed worthy of the green lantern rings. Kyle was killed while returning to Earth by Sinestro, leader of the Yellow Lanterns and notorious enemy of the Green Lanterns, in an effort to alliance with Superman.

credit: read comics online

John was killed and betrayed by Sinestro, both of whom then sided with Superman, with his death pinned on Guy Gardner, the only human Green Lantern who was against Superman. In a fit of rage, Hal then killed Guy Gardner.

credit: read comics online

credit: read comics online

Hence, this explains the lack of other human Green Lanterns to protect the Earth from Superman in the games.

d. Golden Glider and Mirror Master

These two villains may be relatively unknown but they do play a critical role in shaping Captain Cold’s motive to fight against the regime. Golden Glider was Captain Cold’s younger sister and Mirror Master his good friend.

credit: comic newbies

These villains, along with a few others, were recruited by Batman as a last resort to stop the regime as he extended his trust towards them given their no-killing moral code. Both of them were killed, with Golden Glider publicly executed by Superman, thus fuelling Captain Cold’s desire for vengeance against the regime.

e. Beast Boy and Kid Flash

Both Teen Titan members were unfortunately killed off in the nuclear blast that consumed Metropolis; the bomb triggered when Lois was mistakenly killed by Superman.

credit: read comics online

credit: read comics online

This explains why neither of them appear in either games (as of yet) despite Beast Boy being a potentially fun and interesting character to play as.

4. What about the fates of other prominent characters?

While there were a lot of characters who kicked the bucket, there are a few that were left somewhat unaccounted for in both the comics and games (as of yet) despite them being relatively well-known characters to DC comics fans.

With regards to the Teen Titans, some of them (i.e. Superboy, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Red Robin) were teleported into the Phantom Zone, a prison dimension, by Superman. This was done in order to prevent Superboy from dying after fighting the aforementioned hero and to prevent the rest from rising against Superman’s regime. However, we do not know what has happened to them since then.

credit: read comic online

credit: read comic online

Plastic Man, another Justice League member not explored in the games, was also not given any conclusive ending to his story. He broke his similarly powered son out of super villain jail after he tried to oppose the regime but it has yet to be shown whether or not he has successfully stayed hidden or was discovered by the regime.

credit: read comics online

5. Have any of the characters had a change of heart since the fall of the regime?

A few of the original roster of characters have decided to switch alliances or join another faction following the fall of the regime.

a. Green Lantern and the Flash

Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, and Barry Allen, the Flash, have a pretty close friendship with one another. However, they have committed several questionable acts during their time in the regime.

Hal was denounced from his role as a Green Lantern and he then joined his enemy Sinestro by becoming a Yellow Lantern. He has killed one of his fellow green lanterns in cold blood on top of aiding their imprisonment. Barry stood by as he watched a ‘super powered’ fan be pummelled to death by Superman.

credit: read comics online

Neither feel extremely proud of what they have done and have even talked to each other about whether they made the right choice in siding with Superman.

credit: read comics online

However, since the regime disbanded after the first Injustice game, both have decided to aid Batman after going through some trials and tribulations to gain back their dignity and will to fight for the greater good.

b. Bane

Bane originally decided to aid Superman after he escaped from prison by convincing the Man of Steel of their mutual hatred for the Bat. Bane also proved his worth by helping Superman locate Batman.

credit: read comics online

However, after facing relatively unfair treatment by Superman, Bane had enough of being chided and decided to return back to villainy and join Gorilla Grodd in his new villain team up; the Society.


While our list has attempted to explain and condense the important happenings in the comics in order to give players better insight into the Injustice 2 narrative, there are still several other events that we have not covered in this summary.

If you feel that we have missed out any important events or if you want a fuller picture of what exactly took place in the comics, do drop a comment down below!