The Highlights From G-Star: A Ginormous Gaming Event

Here's a brief run-through about one of the biggest gaming exhibitions in the world: G-Star!

By Katy Goh

What is G-Star?

It is an international gaming exhibition and one of the biggest game shows in Asia that covers all gaming sectors. Featuring the world’s leading games as well as the industry’s professionals,¬†G-Star 2017 will be the 13th edition of the annual show.

Credit: G-Star

In 2016, it managed to garner 219,267 visitors, 2719 booths and 653 exhibitors from 35 countries in total.

What can G-Star do for exhibitors?

Exhibitors can exchange information and ideas with decision-makers and specifiers in the business community or forge new partnerships for a mutually beneficial relationship. They can develop their business in Korea and internationally while meeting customers, sales contacts and partners, all of whom are market specialists. G-star also generates qualified leads from 2000 trade visitors and delegates. Plus, it serves as a platform to launch new products, services and technologies.


Past years results have shown that 41% of exhibitors managed to establish existing and new business relationships, with 31% of them strengthening brand identity awareness and 29% of them introducing new products and services. It is also revealed that 23% of them managed to expand their business internationally. The exhibition has garnered a 71% positive overall impression from exhibitors, with 88% of them intending to return.

What can G-Star do for visitors?

They can identify key trends and gain insights into the gaming industry in different markets as well explore new business relationships, meet target companies and reinforce pre-existing business relationships .


How is the Korean Game industry like?

The Korean game industry has experienced an overall increasing trend with their market growth rate, although growth in recent years (2014 and 2015) have been rather slow in comparison to previous years such as in 2009 to 2011 where there was an average of 15% market growth.

In terms of market share for games in the local Korean market, online games dominate the market, having captured 49.2% of the market, this is followed by mobile games with 32.5% of the market share.

Credit: Business Insider

G-Star’s market experts expect the market to grow by 2.1% and 1.9% in 2017 and 2018, with a slight increase in the amount of mobile game users, PC games and arcade games.

Credit: Unrealitymag

What is in store for G-Star 2017?

G-Star 2017 is set to take place from¬†16 – 19 November from 10am – 6pm for its Business To Consumer (which is open to the public) and 16 – 18 November from 10am – 6pm for its Business To Business. It is held at Bexco, Busan in South Korea and is organised by K-Games, the Korea Association of Game Industry, and is managed by G-Star’s Organising Committee; the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency. It is also supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in South Korea.

Credit: MMO Culture

G-Star will have a press conference, an opening ceremony, a presentation, a game industry job fair, a welcome reception, the Korea game awards, e-sports events and a game investment market.

It will also feature game streaming and entertainment programming, live broadcasts and daily news about gaming events, conferences, instructional gameplay and e-sports tournaments.

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