Have You Seen This Man?

Where did he come from where did he go, where did he come from Cotton Eye Joe?

By Cheryl Tan

It has been one week and no one has seen the blond leader of Pokémon Go’s Team Instinct. Ever since the latest update, a bug has replaced Spark with Team Valor leader Candela, leaving many Instinct members worried and confused.

Reports that Spark had disappeared from the game’s Appraisal tool popped up on 20 July, when the update was first launched. Players are only able to see their team leader when using the Appraisal tool, so imagine how surprised Instinct Team trainers were when Candela showed up instead.

Wait.. you’re not Spark..
Credit: Reddit

If you were hardcore into Pokémon Go last year, you should remember how attached players got to their team and team leader. Team Valor’s Candela and Team Mystic’s Blanche won over many with their strong personalities while Team Instinct’s Spark seemed to be the poster child for anyone who was into memes.


Now that he’s missing, Twitter followers have taken to expressing their grief online and are begging for Niantic to bring the lovable boy back.

Let’s just hope he gets home safe.