G-STAR – South Korea’s Biggest Annual Games Conference Aims to Attract More Foreign Game Companies

Make your way down to Korea this November for G-STAR 2017!

By Cheryl Tan

South Korea’s biggest annual games conference, G-STAR, will be marking its 13th anniversary this year. Making use of the first and second exhibition halls, convention hall, auditorium, multipurpose hall, and outdoor plaza, the event will span a total of 55,300 sqm at BEXCO in Busan, Korea and will take place from 16 – 19 November 2017.

Attendees can expect to see new games on the show floor as well as new on-site events. The goals for this year’s show include expanding the expo even further and to make it more appealing to the masses. It also aims to attract more foreign games companies and investors.

Much unlike E3 and GamesCom which have a very limited mobile gaming business representation, G-STAR has various mobile game developers and you can find all the up-and-coming Korean Indie developers at the business-to-business section of the show.

According to leading Korean games portal This Is Game, Gang Shin-chul, chairman of the Korea Game Industry Association (KGA) said that the ultimate goal for G-STAR is to make it a cultural event that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year, rather than at a single show.