Five of the Hottest Female Cosplayers of All Time

Do you agree with our choices?

By Katy Goh

Some of us at Akiba Press are pretty dedicated followers of some amazing cosplayers — which is why we’ve decided to kick off a cosplay series consisting of picture-based articles and videos of several awesome cosplayers.

Cosplayers come in all shapes and sizes, of different creeds and colour and here is our take on who are the best few in their respective fields (Disclaimer: Do note that the order in which we have placed them in does not represent their levels of hotness and that this list is subjective).

Let’s start off this list with…

1. Katyuska Moonfox

Hailing from Down Under, this curvaceous cosplayer has cosplayed a multitude of series spanning from the Nier series, the Marvel comics to Gurren Lagaan. She has been cosplaying for a decade and is currently following her passion by studying game development. She is also a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Photo credit: John Pryke

Photographer: What a Big Camera

Photo credit: What a Big Camera

Photo credit: John Pryke

2. Tasha Cosplay

Moving from Australia to South Korea, we have the highly acclaimed Tasha Cosplay. Tasha is the leader of a cosplay girl group known as Spiral Cats and they specialise mainly in game cosplays, having worked with Riot Games and Blizzard before. Her most stunning work is that of Kerrigan from StarCraft.

3. VampyBitMe

We now move onto another Asian beauty, VampyBitMe (real name: Linda Le). She is a Vietnamese-American and, like Katyuska, cosplays from a wide variety of fictional genres, dabbling into anime series like One Piece, Marvel Comics and also games such as Street Fighter. She has collaborated with Playboy and FHM magazines and was a guest at Singapore’s STGCC in 2013. She is most well-known for her Psyclocke cosplay.

Photo Credit: Slim Summers


Photo Credit: Andrew DH Photography

Credit: Saffles Photography

Photo Credit: Andrew DH Photography

4. Jannet Incosplay

Jannet Incosplay was born and raised in Russia and is most well known for her stunning Widowmaker cosplay, in addition to having cosplayed from a huge range of anime, games and comic books. She is also an expert wig-stylist, having impeccably crafted many seemingly impossible hairstyles.

5. Jessica Nigri

Last but definitely not least, we have probably the most recognised cosplayer to date, Jessica Nigri! She was originally from New Zealand but currently resides in the USA and rose to fame with her sexy Pikachu cosplay in 2009. She has also been making many costumes since then, of which some are sexy versions of popular fictional characters. She has collaborated with many companies such as Kodakawa Games, Ubisoft and Tecmo Koei and has also voiced Super Sonico in the English dubbed anime.

Photo Credit: Dave Yang

Photo credit: Martin Wong

Photo credit: Fake Nerd Boy

Photo credit: Martin Wong

Photo Credit: Martin Wong

Credit: JWaiDesign Photography

Photo Credit: Larry Alan Photography

Photo credit: Darshelle Stevens

Photo Credit: Larry Alan Photography

Photo Credit: Mineralblu Photography

Who do you think is the hottest? Are there any other hot cosplay ladies we missed out? Let us know in the comments below!