Find the Love of Your Life With Hot Dads at ‘Dream Daddy’!

Have a daddy kink and wanna romance a dad? Look no further for this is the game for you!

By Katy Goh

Dream Daddy is a dating simulator made by Game Grumps that is set to be released on Steam. You play as a single dad who moves in with his daughter to a neighbourhood full of other amazingly attractive single Dads. Customise your Dad-sona and find true love. 

The Dads seem varied in terms of their race, looks, personalities and charms; you have a bearded Dad, polished Dad and alcoholic Dad etc. Anyhow, each of these seven Dads are still definitely dream date worthy!

Credit: Game Grumps

There are multiple endings with each Dad and Dad-themed mini games throughout each date path. Be warned, however, Dad-puns are a staple in this game! 

Dream Daddy is set to be released for PC on 13 July.