E3 2017: ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Trailer Drops DLC ‘Episode Prompto’ Date

It is time for the series' resident 'cinnamon roll' to shine.

By Wong Si Jia

Final Fantasy XV fans have already known about the arrival of ‘Episode Prompto’ for quite some time, and it seems everyone’s favourite happy-go-lucky dude will finally get his fair share of the spotlight in late June 2017.

First teased in March alongside ‘Episode Gladiolus’, which was launched in same month, the DLC’s release date was unveiled in a new E3 trailer for Final Fantasy XV Universe.

Check out the cinematic here:

As the name suggests, it compiles all the FFXV-related games, DLCs, and films – plus, players are entitled to free updates and are granted access to watch movies like Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

‘Episode Prompto’ will cover the Prompto(termed as a “cinnamon roll” by fans)’s backstory.However, guest composer Naoshi Mizuta – known for his work on Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIII-2 – reveals that there is more to him than his cheerful, easygoing persona.

“…in the game, we learn that he’s also got a lot of depth, so we get to see this other side of him that’s unexpected,” he says in a video interview, perhaps referring to the scene where Prompto is seen pointing a gun at someone, with a pained and sombre expression.

The DLC will be made available on existing consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, on 27 June 2017.