Fidget Spinners: Getting Out of Control?

You spin my head round, baby right round.

By Cheryl Tan

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll probably know what a fidget spinner is. And even though the world is probably sick of hearing about them, YouTube just caught on the trend with a new online game. Inspired by, is an online multiplayer game where u play as a fidget spinner.

The more dots you collect, the more your RPM (rotations per minute) increases. The goal is to reach the top of the charts and become the fastest fidget spinner. The faster you spin, the more likely you can knock other players out of the game but beware, once a player’s fidget spinner with a higher RPM runs into you, that means its game over.

Just like and, is a scream-filled fun fest — making for plenty of gameplay videos on YouTube.

One example being Jackscepticeye’s video:

Fidget spinners were originally created by chemical engineer Catherine Hettinger in 1993 and were marketed as a way to relieve stress and focus (particularly for those with ADHD). However, the spinning toy reached its peak of popularity earlier this year and became somewhat of a meme.

And while you might have to pay for a real fidget spinner, is free and allows you to compete with players online — inevitably more fun than just spinning one alone by yourself.