E3 2017: All The Press Conferences Schedules And Upcoming Games And Tech To Look Out For

Here's what you need to know before E3 is upon us

By Jack Iskandar

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is just next week and we will be bringing you coverage for all the exciting announcements as they happen. Officially, E3 is from 13th – 15th June while the press conferences will be happening slightly earlier.

Day 0 – Electronic Arts: Live @EA Play – 11th June – 3:00am – 4:30am (+8 G.M.T)

Credit: EA

Electronic Arts (EA) will be hosting a separate EA Play event and we’re expecting to hear more about Star Wars Battlefront II, Need For Speed: Payback and all the EA Sports titles such as FIFA 18 and Madden 18. You can catch the livestream over here.

Day 1 – Microsoft: Xbox E3 2017 Briefing – 12th June – 5:00am – 6:30am (+8 G.M.T)

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft will probably be pushing out details for Xbox’s Project Scorpio, which is supposed to be “the world’s most powerful console” — boasting a 6 Teraflop GPU, true 4K gaming, 326GB/s of Memory Bandwidth and 12GB GDDR5 memory. We’re also expecting Crackdown 3, Forza Motorsport 7 or even some remastered older games for Project Scorpio to make an appearance. You can catch the livestream over here.

Day 1 – Zenimax Media: Bethesda E3 Showcase – 12th June – 12:00nn – 1:00pm (+8 G.M.T)

Credit: Bethesda

The Bethesda E3 Showcase potentially has one of the biggest surprises. Sadly, we don’t have much to go on but we are expecting to hear more about their Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises. Furthermore, there has been a leak on 4Chan claiming that something called “Starfield” will be announced and will apparently be bridging the the Elder Scrolls and Fallout universes. The leaker also mentioned that in the supposed timeline, Fallout actually takes place in beginning while Elder Scrolls is set in the far flung future and “Starfield” will take place somewhere in the middle. You can catch the livestream over here.

Day 2 – Computer Games: PC Gaming Show – 13th June – 1:00am – 2:30am (+8 G.M.T)

Credit: Intel

The PC Gaming Show will be hosted by Starcraft II caster and former Starcraft: Brood War pro, Sean “Day9” Plott. Intel has also replaced AMD as the main sponsor of the PC Gaming Show. There aren’t many details but we do know that the conference will feature presentations from Bohemia Interactive, Cygames, Microsoft, Nexon and Tripwire Interactive. You can catch the livestream over here.

Day 2 – Ubisoft E3 2017 Conference – 13th June – 4:00am – 6:00am (+8 G.M.T)

Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has probably the most in terms of raw gameplay content to show. We’re expecting to see footage from the new Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 5, the rumoured Mario and Rabbids crossover, The Crew, Just Dance and South Park: Fractured But Whole. And that’s not even including anything new they might be debuting. You can catch the livestream over here.

Day 2 – Sony: Playstation E3 Media Showcase – 13th June – 9:00am – 11:00am (+8 G.M.T)

Credit: Sony

There’s no doubt that Sony will have something to compete with Xbox’s Project Scorpio (perhaps price cuts for PS4 Pro and the Playstation VR?). While Death Stranding may have been confirmed that it will NOT be appearing, we’re still expecting to see the new God of War, Shenmue 3, Days Gone and Spider-man. You can catch the livestream here.

Day 3 – Nintendo: Nintendo E3 – 14th June – 12:00am – 1:00am (+8 G.M.T)

Credit: Nintendo

Unlike the other conferences, Nintendo doesn’t have a live stage presentation but instead a pre-recorded video presentation. Super Mario Odyssey will be at the helm with a whole bunch games for the Switch following close behind. The presentation will be followed by a multiway livestream called Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3. You can catch the livestream here.

Stay tuned to Akiba Press for even more coverage on the oncoming storm that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo.