E3 2017: ‘Death Stranding’ Missing from Line-Up

Death Stranding will not be featured at E3, but its new poster release serves as a consolation of sorts.

By Wong Si Jia

Following Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima’s leave from Konami, fans have been fervently anticipating more information about his upcoming game, Death Stranding.

Seems like the wait has just gotten longer.

Kojima has confirmed on Twitter that the game will not be at E3, because his studio is currently “fully focused on development”. That being said, the man himself will still be present at the event with director and long-time associate Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is attempting to adapt Metal Gear Solid into a film.

A new poster has also been released alongside the tweet, sporting a mysterious cobweb image with the word “BRIDGES” on it. This references the badge worn by Guillermo del Toro’s character in an earlier trailer from the Game Awards 2016.

The new poster alludes to the badge worn by Guillermo del Toro’s character. | Credit: Kojima Productions

So far, not much information has been released about the game, except that it is an open-world action title.

While the news may prove to be disappointing, focus on the development progress is ultimately a good thing. Whether Death Stranding will follow in the footsteps of its highly successful predecessor remains to be seen, but there sure are a hell lot of expectations heaped onto it.