Dreamcore: A Dream for PC Gamers

Dreamcore swings into the PC market with a small, customisable system, with several features to boot.

By Wong Si Jia

Amongst the giants of the gaming world such as Razor and Aftershock, new start-up Dreamcore has launched its own PC — touted as “Singapore’s smallest customisable PC”.

Boasting a fully customisable system, founder Shaun Tan said the idea of it came up because he wanted a minimalistic, aesthetically-pleasing laptop that focused on the aspects of customisability and upgradability – drawn from his personal experience as both a game enthusiast and working adult.

This means that users can come up with their own configurations for the PC, and easily replace its parts with off-the-shelf components. However, there are some limitations when it comes to the graphics card and RAM space, but that should not pose a major problem to interested parties.

The brainchild of a US-based designer, Dreamcore‘s design is minimalistic and features a clean and sleek appearance as well.

With these elements present, it is hardly surprising that the small, customisable PC has caught the eye of many customers during its recent stint at the IT Fair in March. While the general reception was good, some still remain sceptical about the longevity of its presence, as well as the effectiveness of such a concept.

Still, there is no stopping Dreamcore as they aim to bring about new possibilities, and push the limits of what is deemed impossible.

The Dreamcore brand and its products can be found at booth 8114 at the PC Show from 1 – 4 July at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

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