‘Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’ Announced on PlayStation 4

A combination of 'Final Fantasy' and 'Super Smash Bros.', the team brawler brings the ultimate battle to PlayStation 4, come early 2018.

By Wong Si Jia

Final Fantasy VII Remake may have been delayed, but it seems Cloud and Sephiroth will be getting an early rematch in early 2018 — and they will not be the only ones.

Developed by Square Enix in partnership with Team Ninja – known for their work on Nioh and the Dead or Alive series – Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has been announced to be released for the PlayStation 4 in early 2018.

Check out the trailer below:

A three-on-three brawling game, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT sees several familiar faces (both heroes and villians alike) facing off against one another in an ultimate battle of good and evil. Duels unfold in an over-the-shoulder perspective, with Final Fantasy exclusive elements to boot.

This means players are able to use magic and summon iconic familiars – such as Ifrit and Shiva – while in the midst of battle. The game’s bravery combat system is also said to require more strategic intelligence, thus “separating luck from skill”.

As of now, at least 20 playable characters will be present in the line-up, with possibly more to come. Some prominent figures include Squall (FFVIII), Lightning (FFXIII), and even Noctis (FFXV).

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT features many familiar faces, such as Lightning from FFXIII. | Credit: Square Enix

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is an updated version of the 2015 Japan-only arcade game, offering a story that the latter lacks. It revolves around the characters being drawn into the alternate world that is Dissidia, and being forced to side with one of the two gods who are currently at war.

The main storyline is helmed by writer Kazuhige Nojima, whose credentials include Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts.

Following its move to console, the game adds “NT” to its original title as well, which supposedly means “New” and “Tale”, “Trial” or “Tournament” respectively.

More information about the game is to be expected at E3 2017, with a set release date of early 2018.