Come Pray at the Church of Hanzo

Take Tuesdays off to play Overwatch and eat the finest of gamer grub but take note, flaming of Hanzo mains is strictly prohibited.

By Cheryl Tan

Ever since the beginning of Overwatch, Hanzo has been sort of an outcast amongst the characters. In the game’s lore, he wanders the globe seeking redemption after murdering his brother Genji and Hanzo players are often considered trolls or uncooperative glory seeking players.

One Brazilian has just taken it to the next level by founding the Hanzo National Church with a rather attractive regime — you can take Tuesdays off to play Overwatch, you’re encouraged to eat the finest of gamer grub, and flaming Hanzo mains is strictly prohibited. Granted, the Church isn’t a legitimate effort to worship the character but rather an example of how easy it is to found a state-recognised church in Brazil that receives all the benefits of a religious institution. Founder Mateus Mognon collected a physical address for his “place of worship”, six signatures including a lawyer’s, and paid the appropriate fees before rolling out the official church.

Mognon chose to honor Hanzo because he resembles Jesus and some fans are eagerly throwing themselves upon the altar, ready to worship. Others think that the whole business seems entirely typical of a Hanzo main.

Perhaps this whole fiasco was the reason in which he was created for… which leads us to this question: Will you worship at his altar?