Blizzard Announces ‘Overwatch’ Double XP Weekend Event

End Overwatch's Anniversary Event with a bang – farm double XP and get your hands on more lootboxes.

By Wong Si Jia

Overwatch players, cancel your weekend plans – a double XP event is coming to the game, lasting from 8 June to 12 June 2017 across all platforms.

The double XP multiplier applies to almost every in-game XP sources, including completing a match and earning medals, among others. While it also stacks with the group bonus, the first win of the day bonus remains unaffected – meaning players still get 1,500 XP, as per usual.

Following the recent Overwatch Anniversary event, the double XP weekend serves as a last chance for players to catch up on extra lootboxes, which boasts more than 100 new cosmetic items. Of the list, 11 of them are the highly sought-after legendary skins.

Game director Jeff Kaplan seems to have taken players’ criticism into consideration, addressing their concerns of the low drop rates of said rare skins.

In Singapore’s context, Overwatch‘s double XP event will kick off at 8am on 9 June, and end presumedly on 13 June.

Check out the global start times below.

Credit: Blizzard