The Astonishing Voices behind ‘Injustice 2’

Do you know these voice actors and the amazing characters they voiced? Test your geeky knowledge with this Injustice 2 article!

By Katy Goh

Injustice 2 has recently released to rave reviews by multiple gaming websites (8-9 out of 10 rating), but it also sports an impressive and a largely experienced cast of voice actors. Here is our ode to their talents and hard work for breathing life into some of our favourite characters as we highlight their most famous roles over the past few years.

1. Kevin Conroy

Can we all just bless this man please?
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Kevin Conroy reprises his role as the Dark Knight in this Injustice instalment. However, some avid DC comics fans would recognise his voice work as the big bad bat in various DC comic cartoons and movies, first taking up the role in Bruce Timm’s Batman the Animated Series. He has voiced Batman in other Bruce Timm cartoon continuations such as Batman Beyond and Justice League, as well as voicing him in the Arkham game series.

Remember kids! If you wanna look cool, stand at the edge of a tall building in the middle of a lighting storm 😀
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Batman seems to like going out into storms a lot… must help with the brooding.
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He usually voices opposite Mark Hamill, who plays as the Clown Prince of Crime (you may also know Mark as Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars franchise), however Mark does not take up his renowned role in this game.

Cuteness overload!!!!!

His voice is nostalgic for older fans and is definitely a perfect match for Batman in and out of his heroic persona, thereby explaining why he has held onto the role for more than two decades.

 2. George Newbern

Honestly his voice is so apt for Sups
Credit: IMDb

George Newbern also reprises his role as the Man of Steel from the first Injustice instalment. However, he has been voicing the Kryptonian for many years, starting from Bruce Timm’s Justice League and moving on to Justice League Unlimited alongside Kevin Conroy as Batman. He has also voiced Steve Trevor in the new Justice League movies.

What could have been…
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And here we can see a typical couple in the midst of fighting where the female is angry and the male confused.
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3. Susan Eisenberg

Credit: Sausan Eisenberg

This voice actress completes the holy trinity of DC comics (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) as she also reprises her role as the Amazonian princess in this Injustice game. She has been voicing Diana Prince since Bruce Timm’s Justice League, thereby having worked with George Newbern and Kevin Conroy during the span of the Justice League and Injustice series. She has also voiced Wonder Woman in several DC comic movies such as Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Justice League: Doom.

*plays holy greek music in the background
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Can we all bless this series and Bruce Timm too?
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4. Jeffery Combs

His voice is like velvet to me
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Jeffery Combs voices Injustice 2’s most menacing and maniacal villain, Braniac, and does a very good job at doing so (every voice actor in this series is excellent as well to be honest). However, what most players may not know is that Jeffery has also voiced another DC comics character in the past; the Question.

I’m telling you the Girl Scouts are responsible for the crop circle phenomenon!
Credit: The Question

While the Question is not a well known DC character, Jeffery’s portrayal of the character in Justice League Unlimited has brought him to many viewers’ attention and garnered him a substantial fan following since then.

“You smell nice…”
“Er…did you know that the ends of shoelaces are called Anglets?”
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Jeffery has also lent his voice to Ratchet in the Transformers Prime series and has acted in several Star Trek series as well.

Wow this guy is a chameleon
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5. Tara Strong

Well hello gorgeous
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Tara Strong, along with Kevin Conroy, is one of the most renowned voice actors of several geeky and childhood series. She plays Harley Quinn in both Injustice games and has also voiced the reformed anti-hero in the Arkham series as well.

I bet a lot of boys want her to hit them with that bat.
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However, her first DC comics role was not that of Harleen Quinzel but rather, Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl. She has voiced Batgirl opposite of Kevin Conroy in Bruce Timm’s Batman the Animated series. Tara’s second prominent DC comics role was that of Raven from the Teen Titans cartoon series. Hence, these three DC comics’ roles showcase her huge talent and capability at voicing a myriad of characters with such differing personalities.

Bruce Timm sure has a cough unique way of drawing women
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If there’s trouble you know who to call~
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She is also renowned for voicing Timmy Turner from the Fairly OddParents series, Ben Tennyson from the Ben 10 series, and Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.

6. Phil LaMarr

Credit: Mortal Kombat Wiki

Phil LaMarr voices the King of Atlantis in the Injustice games, but he has also taken on various DC comic roles before the Injustice games.

He has voiced Static Shock in the Static Shock series as well as John Stewart, the Green Lantern, in the Justice League series. He is capable of changing his voice from a young uncertain but good hearted teenager to that of a strong, brave and hard-headed man.

How electrifying!
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Time has not been kind to John’s hair…
Credit: DCAU wiki

He has also voiced several other animated characters such as Samurai Jack from Samurai Jack and Hermes Conrad from Futurama.

I should watch this show.
Credit: Hulu

7. Laura Bailey

Credit: Monster High Wiki

Laura voices the newcomer Supergirl in Injustice 2, but she has also voiced another DC character before joining the Injustice 2 roster.

Meeee-ow indeed~
Credit: The Mary Sue

In Telltale’s Batman series, she has voiced the very sleek and seductive Selina Kyle, a.k.a Catwoman. She has also voiced various prominent game characters as well such as Atlus games’ Catherine and Persona 4 as Catherine and Rise Kujikawa respectively and Chun-Li in several Street Fighter instalments.

Now I know ya’ll wanna play this game when you see this pic.
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She can crush a man’s skull with her thighs
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8. Grey DeLisle

All these voice actresses are pretty good looking?
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This voice actress voices Catwoman in the Injustice series. Like Tara Strong, she is also one of the most renowned voice actors in the industry, sporting an impressive resume and range.

She has voiced other DC female characters such as Black Canary in Batman the Brave and the Bold, and Aya in Green Lantern: the Animated Series.

Hey honey, we are the Birds of Prey.
Credit: DC Wiki

However, she has also lent her voice to several other prominent characters such as Azula from Avatar: the Last Airbender and Mandy from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Being bad never looked so good
Credit: Avatar Wiki

9. Fred Tatasciore

Having a good time at Comic con!
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Fred voices Bane and Swamp Thing in this Injustice game, but he has also taken up the role of Bane in the Arkham game series and has voiced Solomon Grundy in the previous Injustice game.

Bane is just full of nope.
Credit: Batman Wiki

He boasts a huge resume of voice work over the years, with his most notable role being that of Soldier: 76 in the recently popular Overwatch series.

Credit: Overwatch

10. Matthew Mercer

I really think he should cosplay Mcree.
Credit IMDb

In Injustice 2, Matthew voices the man who never misses; Deadshot.

However, Matthew has also voiced several popular game franchise characters such as in Persona 4 and 5 as Kanji Tatsumi and Yusuke Kitagawa respectively, but his most prominent role would be that of Jesse Mcree from Overwatch.

Ok Yusuke, act all emo and artistic so we can snap your promo pic!
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Zenyatta’s gonna sneak a shot at Mr High Noon
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Are there any amazing Injustice 2 voice actors that we missed? Did you know of any of these amazing voice actors’ previous roles? Let us know in the comments below!