Akiba Town 2017: Getting to Know Drefan Cosplay

How did he get his name? What is his dream cosplay? Find out all that and more in our article!

By Cheryl Tan

We sat down with Drefan Cosplay, one of our guests at Akiba Town 2017, to find out more about his cosplay roots and what his name means. An avid sportsman and gamer since young, Drefan discovered cosplay after he sustained injuries and was forced to quit competitive sports at the age of 21.

How did u come up with your cosplay name?
I used a really old online and video gaming handle because i couldn’t think of anything else. It’s from an old english word meaning “trouble”.

When/how did u start cosplaying?
I was forced to drop competitive sports in 2003/2004 due to injuries, and after looking around for another hobby, i found cosplay in 2005!

Is cosplay something you can see yourself doing in 10 years?
Of course. There is no other hobby out there that hones that many skill sets. It’s a continuous challenge and learning journey.

Who has been the most fun to cosplay so far?
Hmm. Quite possibly The Ultimate Warrior (from WWE)? Dragging a mattress around to slam people onto was definitely unique.

If you had to, what cosplay do you not mind wearing everyday for the rest of your life?
Gladiolus from FFXV would be the most comfortable, i guess.

If time and money were not an issue, what would be your dream cosplay?
Probably Thrall from the Warcraft series. But that is currently more of a bodybuilding issue.

Who’s your favourite cosplayer?
There are just too many to choose from, and too many different aspects of them to admire.

Describe your favourite anime series in one sentence
You can be a hero too.

Deku: MiniChaos Cosplay | Photographer: Kiseki Cosplay

Are you a cat or a dog person?
Dog, definitely.

Favourite food?
All kinds of meat.

Strangest thing you’ve eaten?
All Might’s hair.

Izuku Midoriya: MiniChaos Cosplay
Ochako Uraraka: Reann Reuel
Tenya Iida: Kiseki Cosplay

If you could be any fictional character who would it be? Why?
Marvel’s Hercules would be good. Powerful. Good-looking. Not too complicated.

If you were a superhero what powers would you have?
A simple but overwhelming body augmentation type.

Hit me with your best pick up line
Ryuuga waga teki wo kurau! (Dragon, consume my foes)

Genji: Kai Craft and Cosplay | Photographer: Simply Random

Drefan Cosplay: Facebook | Twitter

We would like to thank Drefan for taking the time to answer our questions. Do catch him at Akiba Town 2017 from 4 – 6 August at Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall, Level 1.