AFTERSHOCK Announces First All-in-One Gaming PC

AFTERSHOCK PC unveils their first all-in-one gaming PC, with several features to boot.

By Wong Si Jia

AFTERSHOCK PC‘s first foray into the all-in-one (AIO) segment sees the release of AFTERSHOCK NEXT AIO, a fully-fledged gaming PC that delivers performance in clean form factor.

Featuring a 32-inch display, the NEXT runs at 144Hz, and is able to support up to the GTX 1080TI graphics card. This means that it allows for seamless, high-resolution gameplay – an important factor that most gaming enthusiasts take into consideration when searching for a gaming PC.


Even though the AIO system is unable to be upgraded, the NEXT stands out with its fully-customisable chassis that can be changed to fit the player’s needs. As it uses standard desktop parts, the option to fully upgrade with future components is made available as well – a service that AFTERSHOCK PC will offer for existing customers.


Design-wise, the NEXT boasts a clean, black exterior, with minimal cables and space wastage to boot. Apart from a retractable headphone stand for easy mounting, several connectivity ports are present too.


The AFTERSHOCK NEXT AIO is priced at $1,726 and has only gone live for less than a month. More information regarding the specs may be found below:

Check out AFTERSHOCK PC’s website for details regarding customisation.