3 Good Reasons as to Why You Should Watch ‘Rick and Morty’

Time to get schwifty with this series!

By Katy Goh

Rick and Morty is a hit amongst many and deservingly so. It is a show that does not take itself too seriously but does not neglect other important aspects that make a great show; character development, an expansive universe and an adventurous plot.

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At first I was skeptical about the show given that some adult cartoons end up being rather episodic and are entertaining only on the surface level. However, Rick and Morty proved otherwise albeit with only 2 seasons under its belt, an otherwise impressive feat. If you have yet to watch the show, here are 3 spoiler-free reasons as to why you should not miss out on this amazing show:

1. Expansive Universe

Rick and Morty starts off as rather episodic but given that the duo embark on intergalactic and inter-dimensional adventures, they end up exploring many different parts of the universe (and even travel through time).

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This exploration aspect gives the show a plethora of opportunities to create many alien races and societies to amuse us with. From micro organisms to intergalactic proportions, Rick and Morty does not leave any stone unturned, makingĀ for many mind-boggling, adrenaline-pumping adventures filled with humour and character development.

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Aside from exploring these uncharted territories and introducing us to various exciting and at times hilarious aspects of the alien world (remember Blitz and Chips?), Rick and Morty does not fail to bring these recurring species, characters and societies back.

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2. Much Deeper Than You’d Expect

Rick and Morty could have easily taken the route of making the show episodic, with any sort of character development in any episode reset to zero in the next. However, what made me much more vested and interested in the show is how nuanced it was with its character development as well as its exploration of Rick and Morty as complicated characters.

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Rick and Morty does not shy away from delving into darker themes and our title characters are sometimes thrown into extreme situations where they crack under pressure and end up questioning their existence and purpose in life.

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We watch as naive and easily-bullied Morty develops into a ballsy three-dimensional character from such experiences as when he watched as Summer was held at gunpoint by another Rick.

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Rick was initially a cold and indifferent psychotic “a-hole” who would use every opportunity to abuse Morty to make his experiments succeed. Over time, he does show a soft spot for his family even while insulting them every once in a while. And even after doing seemingly selfless acts, Rick does somewhat return to his usual too cool for you stature but becomes more human through the course of the show.

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Rick and Morty is a morally grey show that, when one looks beyond the silliness and humour, the plot and characters in it are pretty questionable. This subtle exploration of deeper themes is what makes Rick and Morty such a wholistic show that entertains yet makes audiences think after watching.

3. They don’t take themselves seriously

As the season 3 trailer of Rick and Morty will tell you, this is a show that’s “so smart, it’s stupid”, and rightly so!

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Rick and Morty will make fun of anything under the sun; from humans’ fascinations with male genitalia to parodying various popular movies and shows such as Nightmare on Elm Street and The Purge.

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The show’s brand of dark humour may not tickle everyone’s funny bone but it shows how they don’t shy away from poking fun at how unintelligent and miserable people can be. Great examples of which include Morty’s pretty incompetent and insecure father, Jerry as well as when the Cult worshipped the Heads who held a music competition.

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This light-heartedness greatly complements the first two aspects as casual watchers of the show can be entertained and bewildered by how silly the show is. It does not take itself seriously — as you can tell from the animated hilariously half-hearted voice overs for the shows and commercials screened in their inter-dimensional cable episodes.

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The show also has a multitude of catch phrases that will be guaranteed to stick with you for years on end. These range from “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” to “It has been a rough mating season for Bird Person”, “Get Schwifty” and “Look at me, I’m Mr Meseeks!”.

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Rick and Morty is undeniably one of the hottest shows of this year, hooking many in with its wild adventures, dark humour and complicated characters. It is definitely not a show to miss.